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9H Car Protection

Protective ceramic coating


A second skin, extra protection to keep your vehicle in perfect condition longer!


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Once applied, the protective coating will protect your vehicle from minor scratches and act as a " sacrilege " layer.".This coating is an invisible shield that protects and shines your vehicle. If ever a scratch occurs, you only have to polish the affected surface with a cloth and everything will be like new! Magnificent!!

The nanotechnological formula of the coating allows it to be introduced into all the small pores of paint or scratches already existing to make the paint shiny, smooth and hydrophobic. The coating also makes cleaning much easier. The adhesion force is drastically reduced and this prevents environmental contaminants from sticking, such as:/ P>

  • Small gifts from birds
  • Insect stains
  • Mud, earth and others
  • Unwanted painting (Graffiti)

All these substances will slide on the treated surface as follows:

The super ceramic hydrophobic protective coating, if properly maintained, is permanent! After the application, the coating will only be removed by abrasive technique such as sandblasting.

So, make a good investment by keeping your vehicle new and let the maintenance ofside! The protective coating is the solution for your peace of mind.

How to apply it:

  • Wrap a cloth around the sponge provided
  • Pour plaster on the linen
  • Spread the coating on the vehicle that has been freshly washed and dried beforehand.
  • Use another cloth to dry and polish the vehicle
  • Enjoy your new body now well protected!

A bottle can cover about 20 square meters of area. So you make an entire car without problems!

30 ML