Dog Cat

This state-of-the-art device is ideal for your dog or cat! It quickly and smoothly licks claws without pain for your beloved pet!
Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Mat 2
  • -20%
Dog Cat

Cat Litter Mat

€23.28 €29.10
Tired of seeing the litter scattered throughout the house ..? With this super efficient carpet, your floor will finally stay clean!
Dog Cat

Tunnel for Cat

Warning ! Your cat may quickly adopt this fun game tunnel and never leave it;)
Dog Cat

Meow Box

Do you want to pamper your cat? We offer this box containing all that is necessary to satisfy it!
Toy Mouse Remote Control Toy Mouse Remote Control 2
  • -30%
€17.19 €24.56
A remote-controlled mouse running around the house? Your cat will go crazy for happiness :)
Dog Cat

Ten Little Mice

Your cat will finally be able to play Cat and Mouse!/ Strong>
Cat catcher game Cat catcher game 2
  • -20%
€7.98 €9.97
A fake little mouse roped to a wand to awaken your cat's hunting instinct.
Flying Toy for Cat Flying Toy for Cat 2
  • -30%
€9.72 €13.89
Indulge your favorite cat and stimulate his hunter instinct!
Cat Laser Toy Cat Laser Toy 2
  • -20%
Dog Cat

Cat Laser Toy

€9.04 €11.30
You will love as much as your cat to play with this laser pointer!
Cat Spiral Tower Toy Cat Spiral Tower Toy 2
  • -30%
€18.55 €26.50
This clever Toy will make your cat crazy with his balls that rotate constantly!
Pet Seat Belt Pet Seat Belt 2
  • -10%
Dog Cat

Pet Seat Belt

€6.26 €6.95
Travel with peace of mind with your pet by providing maximum protection when traveling by car.
Your indispensable anti-dehydration ally everywhere: on a walk, on a trip, in the city, in a restaurant, especially in case of extreme heat
Ideal for night walks with your faithful companion, protect the dangers of the road!